Custom Wine Cellars in Kansas City: The Ultimate Wine Enthusiast Addition for Your Home

2020 has been a huge year for home renovations and additions since many of us have spent most of our time in our homes. What could be better than enjoying a custom wine cellar in the comfort of your own home?

We also call them wine rooms, since they don’t necessarily have to be in the cellar! We create custom wine cellar racks for all types of spaces, and even wine cellars under the stairs! You probably have an ideal space for a custom wine cellar without even realizing it.

custom wine cellars in Kansas City

What makes a good wine cellar?

  • Cool, dark space 
  • Ventilation
  • Some humidity


Ideal places for a wine room are under the stairs, closets, or other rooms that are on the first floor or basement level, anywhere ideal for cooler temperatures and low light. Wine should also be stored away from odors that could affect the wine (such as those in cleaning products or fruits and vegetables).

At York Companies, we will design and install your custom wine cellar, and we can even install element controlled systems to keep your wine collection cool to maintain the perfect temperature.

Does a wine cellar increase home value?

Definitely! A wine cellar is a special feature in a home that makes it unique and gives it character. It will be something that your realtor will emphasize to buyers, and it will spark interest to tour and view your home. 

A wine cellar also promotes exclusivity. It’s not something that you find in just any home, which can increase home value. It’s a great bonus feature for homes, and many luxury homes have wine cellars, making it more a common and expected feature at certain home values. 

York Companies Can Create Your Custom Wine Cellar

Come to York Companies for your custom wine cellar in Kansas City! We’re experienced remodeling contractors with years in the business who love to make our customers’ dreams come to reality. 

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