Deck Materials 101: Wood vs. Composite

A beautiful deck can truly help your backyard shine, but building a deck comes with a lot of choices. If you’re thinking about building a deck (or upgrading your current deck), you may hear words like composite and polyethylene roaming around. 

Don’t let those words be a head scratcher. Our team at York Companies are local Kansas City pros when it comes to deck building. Keep reading to learn more about the difference between wood and composite decks. 

What is a wood deck?

Okay, this might sound like an obvious answer, but we still want to briefly touch on it. A true wood deck contains no manmade materials—they’re simply 100% wood. Within this category are different types of wood you could use for your deck, which will vary in price depending on what you choose. These include:

  • Pressure-treated wood
  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Tropical hardwood

What is a composite deck?

Composite lumber consists of a mix of wood and plastic (usually polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride). Because of this, composite offers a variety of color choices so that you can customize it to your home. 


  • Won’t splinter, crack, or rot
  • Low maintenance
  • Weather resistant



  • Can look like “fake wood”
  • Scuffs and scratches easily
  • Mold and mildew may grow in shady, damp areas

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