How to Decorate Your Sunroom for the Holidays

Looking for a cure to the winter blues? There are so many benefits of having a sunroom in Kansas City, even including addressing seasonal affective disorder (SAD) through sun exposure ☀️ The room is also extremely versatile, so you can use it as a guest, plant, or even exercise room!


No matter what you’re using the space for, here’s some tips on how to decorate your sunroom for the holidays.

Add festive lights

Lighting is key to changing the feel of any room! By adding some fun christmas lights or even snowflake string lights, you can create a real winter wonderland. Don’t forget to add curtains or blinds for optional privacy and lighting control as well. 

Bring out all the throws

Layers are essential to staying warm and cozy! Don’t skimp on the blanket options. You can have some quilts, fuzzy, and even comforter options. For even more ambience, try out some new festive pillow covers!


Of course you’ll want to have your fireplace ready to go as well. Check out our recent blog for holiday firepit recipes!

Bring in a tree

If you want to go all out when you decorate your sunroom for the holidays, set up a Christmas tree! You can go for a smaller size or even a wreath if you’re worried about cramming it in. If you’re working with limited space, remember to include classics like snowglobes to keep the same energy. 

Create a kids’ space

A sunroom is also the perfect spot to create an escape for kids during family celebrations! Bring out How the Grinch Stole Christmas and your other favorite classic Christmas movies, grab some popcorn, and voila. If you’re wanting to keep them off screens, you can opt for setting up a cookie or card decoration center.

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Whether you need some extra space or just want more sun exposure (without the bugs and cold), it’s about time you invest in a sunroom. The York Companies team is ready to start your project! Try our free quote tool and check out our portfolio to kickstart your ideas.


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