How to Design the Perfect Screened Porch for Your Needs

There are plenty of reasons you’ll love a screened porch in Kansas City, from increased living space to avoiding pesky mosquitoes ???? So, if you’ve decided to invest in one, where should you start? There are so many possible ways to use and decorate the space! Here is the York Companies’ guide on how to design the perfect screened porch:

Decide the purpose

Screened porches are one of the most versatile spacesthey’re great for working out, dining, watching tv, and even can serve guest rooms! Deciding what you want to use the area for is the first step of how to design the perfect screened porch. This will influence the size, layout, budget, and decor choices.

Make an informed budget

To get a general price idea before you begin designing, try York’s online outdoor living quote tool! The main influences for price are size and materials. You can also build on an already-installed porch to save. If you’re planning on selling your home, a screened porch is typically a good investment because many buyers, especially those in Kansas City, will love enjoying the outdoors without the bugs and bad weather. It is considered one of the best home improvement investments as it has an average return on investment (ROI) of 75%!

Decorate to create a cohesive space

The finishing step of how to design the perfect screened porch is decorating! With endless styles to choose from, you should choose one as inspiration and try to stick with it. If you want a boho space, find furniture and decorations that mix well together and try mixing patterns on rugs, couches, and curtains. If you want a sleek modern space, go for the basics. To make the porch feel like an extension of your home, the aesthetic should flow with the interior and exterior of it, but they don’t necessarily need to “match”.

Choose York Companies as your contractor for the best screen porch results!

Lastly, choosing an experienced contractor is key to ensuring that your vision comes to life (while sticking to your budget and time frame). York Companies has expertise in all things outdoor living including pools, decks, firepits, & more. Learn more about us and contact us today to get started!