How To Design a Sunroom For Your Needs

There are many benefits of having a sunroom in Kansas City, including increasing your home’s value, having space versatility, and sun exposure aiding your mental and physical health ☀️ As the weather begins to push us inside, now is the ideal time to design a sunroom so you can experience looking at the outdoors minus the bad weather. There are so many options for what to do with the extra space, it can be overwhelming! Luckily the sunroom builders at York have given us some tips on how to design a sunroom perfect for you:

Determine the purpose

The first step is to decide what you want to use the room for. Check out our recent blog on 5 ways to use a sunroom, including some of our favorites: workout room, movie room, dining room, home office, and green room. You can even use it as a spare bedroom or playroom as well! If you want to use it as a multi-purpose space, go for a more basic layout and you can install a pullout bed in the wall and have your workout gear on the other side! The possibilities are endless.


P.S. Did you know that plants THRIVE in sunrooms? Bringing in some of your favorite potted or hanging plants and setting up some floating shelves will make you feel even more connected to the outdoors. 

Don’t overload the room

When you design a sunroom, remember that nature is the star. You want to walk into the room and recognize the beauty of being surrounded by the outdoors. This being said, don’t overwhelm the sunroom with decorations or block the windows! 

Customize the space

Don’t get us wrong, decorating is a great way to customize the space while keeping the layout itself simple so you can maximize your ROI ???? If you’re not worried about that, then go ahead and design a sunroom with unique layouts! Here are some of our favorite sunroom layouts from Elle Decor. 

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