What Determines the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel?

With an average ROI of 86.4%, refreshing your bathroom is one of the best renovation projects for selling your home. Before you create a budget, let’s dissect what determines the cost of a bathroom remodel:

Your contractor choice

Finding the right contractor is key to any renovation project’s success. You need someone who is not only experienced, but also direct. During any remodeling process, you should feel more excited than stressed! You should be in charge of the final outcome and the contractor should collaborate with you while keeping your safety and budget in mind. 


Material choices can dramatically impact the cost of a bathroom remodel. If you’re looking for ways to save, try refinishing things rather than replacing them. 


Also, choose some parts of the room to be the stars of the show, like an extravagant sink and stunning shower tile. By choosing focal points, you’ll save money and maintain balance in the space.

Plumbing changes

Moving or installing new plumbing adds up quickly, so trying to keep plumbing for your sink and toilet in the same spots can help! 


⚠️Do NOT attempt to save by moving plumbing yourself or having a rookie do it, bathroom plumbing is extremely specific and you’ll end up spending more to fix it later on. 

Lighting & ventilation

Bathrooms require special ventilation that can be nearly impossible for inexperienced workers to install. The lighting should also be thought out; you’ll want to be able to see when you’re in the shower shaving and when applying makeup in the mirror!

Room size

Another important factor to think through is if you want to downsize or add to the size of your current bathroom. Knocking down walls and moving plumbing tacks on a higher price tag, but if needed you can balance this out with appliance choices. Contact our team for expert advice!

Upgrade your bathroom & stick to your budget with help from the York pros

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