Expert Tips on How to Budget for an Indoor Pool

When you live in the midwest, an indoor pool is the key to extending your swim season! If you already have a pool, you can save on installation by enclosing it. Regardless, here are some tips on how to budget for an indoor pool from the best indoor pool builders in Kansas City.

Think about the size

One of the main price-determining factors of any project is the size. You’ll want to work with your contractor to find a good location for the enclosure, and then decide how large you want the space and pool itself to be. Pro tip: remember that you’ll need some space for seating and walking around outside of the pool!

Choose the pool type carefully

Look into the pros and cons of saltwater and chlorine for your indoor pool, as this will also affect the price. Keep in mind the difference in maintenance prices and time commitment as well. 

Account for energy and heating

A unique component of how to budget for an indoor pool is the energy factor. They require far more heating in the pool and surrounding building, which will contribute to the construction and upkeep cost. 

Don’t forget about accessories

To complete your indoor pool, look into adding underwater lighting, water features, and a pool cover. An often overlooked key of how to budget for an indoor pool is to account for these expenses in planning as well.


Lighting not only makes it easier and safer to swim at night, but also adds ambience. Don’t you want to appreciate your pool’s beauty day and night?! There are so many stunning water feature styles to choose from to add something special to your indoor escape! Choose a fountain, waterfall, sconce, or spillover spa to take your indoor pool to the next level. An automated pool cover will stop kids, animals, and debris from falling in and keep your pool in top shape. 

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