Fall Fiberglass Pool Specials in Kansas City

Pool with FountainsPools by York has a few exclusive fall fiberglass pool specials in Kansas City to provide clients with one of our gorgeous pools at a bargain! We have decades of experience in pool installation in the Kansas City metro area and our pools are available with various custom options including size, shape, waterfall or water feature, dramatic lighting, and fun waterslides. You won’t want to miss out on these great savings through Pools by York’s fall fiberglass pool specials in Kansas City.

As part of these incredible fiberglass pool specials in Kansas City, one of our pool manufacturers has exclusively offered Pools by York a discount on pool shells contracted by September 30 and fully paid for by November 15, though the pool does not necessarily need to be installed by then. Through February 2015, we are also offering clients savings on labor costs and there are potential cost-effective freight savings on each pool if Pools by York can combine shipping and share freight costs between clients, although this may not be guaranteed.

Be sure to take advantage of these incredible fall fiberglass pool specials in Kansas City before prices go back up in March! Schedule your free, no hassle quote with Pools by York today by clicking here. We can’t wait to help you save!