Fiberglass Pool vs Concrete: What’s the Difference?

At York Companies, pools are our passion and fiberglass pools are our specialty. But why fiberglass? We’ve discussed some of the benefits that come with these special pools before. They’re faster to install, customizable, and can have additional features. 

But what makes a fiberglass pool different from traditional concrete? Let’s dive in ???? 

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Fiberglass Pools

  • Easy installation because they are installed as a single unit onsite. The fiberglass pool comes fully assembled for installation.
  • Smooth surface texture, cleans easily but may be slippery at times in certain locations, such as pool stairs.
  • Less maintenance and easier to keep clean because of the smooth surface.
  • Heats up easily and retains heat, since the fiberglass surface itself doesn’t absorb the heat but the water does.

Concrete Pools

  • Installation process is difficult and time consuming. It requires more than a hole in the ground and some concrete (reinforcing bars, mesh, formwork).
  • Porous surface texture can hold onto dirt and cause algae growth. The scratchy surface can also feel abrasive and scratch the skin.
  • More maintenance and scrubbing because of surface texture.
  • Concrete absorbs heat along with the water, so it will not heat up or retain heat easily as easy as fiberglass.

In short, there are some pros and cons to fiberglass pools vs concrete. Fiberglass pool installation is an easier process and they’re also easier to maintain because of their smooth surface. In the long run, this lower maintenance option can save you a lot of time and money. And you can spend that extra time in your beautiful fiberglass pool ????

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