Is A Fiberglass Pool Worth the Investment? Benefits of A Fiberglass Pool in Kansas City

With summer in full swing, most people are wishing they had a backyard pool! If you’re unsure what kind of pool to go with, the experts at York Companies suggest fiberglass. Here are some key benefits of a fiberglass pool:


Fiberglass pools are much stronger than the average concrete pool. The flexible material is less prone to cracks and damage, so it’s also great for saltwater. You won’t have to worry about scratching yourself on the surface because it isn’t rough like concrete!

Easy installation & maintenance

Two more important benefits of a fiberglass pool are that they are quick & easy to install and require less maintenance! They are installed in one piece which shaves off weeks of building time (and ????!). The smooth surface prevents algae growth, which sinks into cement cracks. They will save you the most time and money than any other type of pool!

Environmentally friendly

These pools last for decades and don’t require frequent chemical cleanings or electrical replacements. Plus, fiberglass ITSELF is recyclable!

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