Fiberglass Pools in Kansas City Metro

Providing outdoor entertainment spaces & fiberglass pools in Kansas City metro.

At Pools by York, we specialize in outdoor entertainment spaces and experiences. This mostly stemmed from our own love for the outdoors. The York family are true outdoor lovers! We have always believed good business and quality service stems from passion. For this reason we build engaging outdoor entertainment spaces & fiberglass pools in Kansas City metro. Specializing in fiberglass pools in Kansas City for years.

3 things to consider when installing fiberglass pools in Kansas City metro.

  • Install your pool right the first time.

At Pools by York, we’ve noticed homeowners too often are focused on finding the best deal – which boils down to money. Quality installations, which includes the right equipment and a proper process can add additional cost to your end installation quote. It’s very important to take every necessary measure from the planning to design to installation. Don’t cut corners. Otherwise, you might find yourself fixing problems that arise every couple of years.

As a pool company we think about your long term investment, not your short term gain. 

Every homeowner and family uses the great outdoors differently. Some families are big entertainers, so Pools by York will recommend an outdoor kitchen or patios with outdoor TVs.  Some families are more focused on private, quite and relaxing environments – so we might recommend soothing water features . Perhaps some want both! Design is really important to consider in order to address and incorporate elements of your lifestyle.

  • Nail down your dream aesthetics – classic, timeless, modern or tropical.

No matter what people may say, humans depend heavily on their visual senses. It’s our goal to thoroughly talk with homeowners during the design process to capture their ideal outdoor aesthetic. Something most homeowners don’t think about – your outdoor space should flow from your indoor space. Novel! We can help you create any aesthetic, from classic to timeless to modern to tropical.

We treat our clients with the same personalized perspective we were once looking for.

We’ve been in your shoes and it was a very research heavy, uncertain time in our lives. A pool is a large investment and we didn’t want to mess up the installation. Therefore, Pools by York will be your trusted source for honest and transparent pool installation. You’ll be with us every step of the process and we welcome your input during design and planning! Because ultimately we want you to be pleased with your new outdoor space.

For outdoor entertainment spaces & fiberglass pools in Kansas City metro, contact us or use our free pool quote tool today!