Fiberglass Pools & Salt Water Pools Galore

Ah, the sweet smell of summertime. The best feeling in the heat is dipping your toes into the water. Hence, fiberglass pools and salt water pools are ideal for summer. As a result, we learned what our customers desire. From here, we discovered that fiberglass pools and salt water pools need something extra. Therefore, we create custom, unique pool fountains and pool lighting.

Relax this summer in fiberglass pools

We provide custom fiberglass pools. Our team will discuss which size and shape works best for you. Together, you will collaborate on a design plan. A design is implemented and touches all aspects of basic design principles. Therefore, our fiberglass pools are aesthetically pleasing.

Our fiberglass pools are durable, reliable, and enjoyable. The best part? Fiberglass pools are simple to clean and maintain. Furthermore, we provide our customers with retractable covers for fiberglass pools. At York, we are here to assure everything operates smoothly. Therefore, we perform maintenance checks before fiberglass pools are left in the arms of the customer.

Salt water pools are the best step towards relaxation

Salt water pools are up and coming. Many homeowners are opting to purchase salt water pools. There are a variety of reasons this may be.

  • Salt water pools are very cost-efficient.
  • There is less trouble in maintaining salt water pools.
  • No chemical up-keep with salt water pools
  • Salt water pools are easy on the eyes, as there isn’t any added chlorine.

fiberglass pools Salt water pools Pool fountains Pool lighting

Pool fountains are a great addition to fiberglass pools and salt water pools

Pool fountains add pizzazz to any pool. Therefore, they are a reliable decor option that adds class. Most homeowners opt for pool fountains as their go-to pool addition.

Most of all, we provide a variety of pool fountains that are unique to any individual. Our pool fountains are a reliable, unique option to add that extra oomph to fiberglass pools or saltwater pools.

fiberglass pools Salt water pools Pool fountains Pool lighting


Light up the night with pool lighting

Pool lighting is a practical pool addition. Pool lighting additions can be as customizable as pool fountains. We provide our customers with unique pool lighting.

Our pool lighting feature allows you to schedule your lighting. It’s a common mistake for homeowners to forget to turn off the lights. We’re busy individuals. It’s an easy step to forget. With pool lighting, never forget to turn the lights off again.

Our pool lighting features can also be customized.

  • Color
  • Tone
  • Brightness
  • Style

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