How to Find Backyard Pond Builders in Kansas City

Pools are great, and so are fountains. But a water feature many people overlook are beautiful backyard ponds. Ponds are super fun because you can make them as small or as big as you want. Some people even add fish to really make them extra special.

If you’re thinking about taking that next step, the first thing you want to do is to find backyard pond builders in Kansas City that know their stuff. All too often, our team at York Companies have seen poorly constructed ponds that end up destroying backyards rather than enhancing them. 

To avoid this problem, read on for tips on finding the best backyard pond builders that’ll help you reach your goals. 

Come up with a list of dream ideas

Before you get started, peruse through the internet trenches for backyard pond ideas. For example, how big do you want your pond? Remember, the more water you have, the more maintenance it will require. Do you want to add stones or a water fountain? What about fish? Where do you want your pond? 

Coming up with this list will help you narrow down pond builders in Kansas City that can get the job done. 

Make sure the pond builders know what they’re doing

A big sign that a pond builder isn’t just winging it is seeing what other kind of work they do. If they solely focus on ponds, that’s great! But also they should have experience in working with other water features. Knowing about pools, fountains, and even small waterfalls can help them use different techniques that will ultimately bring the best results. 

Hire a professional, not your friend down the street

It may sound compelling to save a few bucks by hiring a friend who probably doesn’t have much experience. Or you may even think to do it all yourself. However, to really make the most bang for your buck, you have to think about the big picture. Without experience, you’re going into the project with a “trial and error” mentality. You’re more than likely going to make mistakes that will end up costing you more money on supplies. The best option? Find a professional. 

York Companies can build the pond of your dreams.

If you’re looking for the best pond builders in Kansas City, York Companies is your way to go! We are KC’s go-to shop for pools, decks, and outdoor living. We work with you from start to finish to ensure that we bring your dream to life. 

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