How to Find the Best Inground Pool Installation Near You in Kansas City

The way we see it, you have two options when choosing inground pool installation near you in Kansas City: hiring the best or hiring the cheapest (not-so-best). 

The choice is yours ????

If you want the best pool for your home, we have great news for you. Our pool experts at York Companies know exactly what you should do to find the best pool installers in the area. All you have to do is keep reading to learn your answer. 

Don’t ignore the portfolio

A portfolio helps you separate good inground pool installation from the best. 

“What if they don’t have a portfolio?”

That’s kind of a problem. Here’s the deal: if someone doesn’t have a portfolio ask yourself why. A proud pool installer should want to show off their work, not hide it away.

Ask about experience

You don’t want a pool newbie installing your inground pool. Instead, you want to find someone with years of experience installing pools in a variety of homes. Whenever you come across an above-ground pool installer, be sure to say, “hey, how many years have you been doing this?”

Talk to your neighbors

If you have neighbors with a pool, ask them who installed their pool. You can even do it if you don’t like their pool so you can know who to avoid. This gives you the chance to ask about their customer service experience, how long the process took, and if they’d rehire that installer. 

The best inground pool installation in Kansas City: York Companies

You can always use our tips to find inground pool installation near you in Kansas City, or you can save some time and reach out to us at York Companies! We’ve been in the pool game for years, meaning we know exactly what it takes to turn your pool dreams into reality.

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