Finding the Best Contractors for Home Additions in Kansas City

Looking for the best contractors for home additions in Kansas City? Home additions can be intimidating and they are definitely not “one size fits all.” Whether you’re dreaming of a bright sunroom, a peaceful library, an extra bathroom, or simply extra room, finding the right contractor is key to bringing your dream to reality. Here’s the York Companies team’s tips on what to look for to find the best contractors for your home additions in Kansas City ????

Willingness to collaborate

Always look for a contractor who is willing to collaborate. The design and construction process should be an enjoyable experience for you! You should be able to express your ideas and simply watch them be brought to life. However, an ideal contractor will let you know if an aspect, layout, etc. is not possible in the way you wanted and adjust the plans accordingly. They should maintain the perfect balance of making your vision come true and practicality. 

Direct communication

When working on any construction project, but especially for home additions in Kansas City, having open and direct two-way communication is key. You should feel comfortable approaching your contractor at any point during the project. See something they’re working on that looks different than expected? Want to make sure you’re staying on budget? Your contractor should be happy to let you know. They should also communicate with you if they have any problems or concerns, so you can work together to create the best solution for your home. 

Experience level

The skills required to create the perfect home additions in Kansas City don’t appear overnight. You’ll need a contractor who has had years of experience to ensure that your dream is achievable AND maintainable. 


Opting for a newbie freelancer or asking your uncle who replaced his own kitchen tiles may save you money initially, but you’ll end up with a watered down version of the original plan that can’t stand the test of wear & time. Getting it right the first time will save you time, money, and stress. 

Come to York for the best home additions in Kansas City!

York Companies offers quality craftsmanship and personal investment in every project. Our expert team has worked on a variety of home additions in Kansas City (you can check out our portfolio online), but we understand that every project is unique. This doesn’t scare us, we love a challenge!


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