Fun Basement Remodeling Ideas for Families

Looking to upgrade your basement? There are so many fun ways you can decorate and use the space for kids to play! The experts at York Companies have provided some of their favorite basement remodeling ideas for families.

Movie room

Wouldn’t everyone love to have an at-home theatre? ???? The basement is the perfect spot—cool, dark, and out of the way. Your kids can enjoy a movie without you having to deal with the sound blasting in your ears while you cook or relax. Adding a fun snack bar and popcorn machine is not only great for kids, but also yourself and guests! Hang up a projector, get some comfy chairs, and enjoy. 


We’ve all built forts at some point in our childhood—they’re a fun little escape to color or tell stories in. Having a cute mini tent, or maybe even one little one per child, is the perfect option for them to experience the fun of a fort without you having to experience not having any pillows or blankets. 

Reading nook

Book lovers, this one’s for you! A reading nook is great for anyone, from a newborn to grandparent. Set up or build some shelves, grab some floor pillows and string lights, and you’ll have a little escape to enjoy stories. If you want something a little more unique, you could go for a suspended hammock floor!

Chalkboard wall

Chalkboard walls are one of the classic basement remodeling ideas for families; plus, it will keep the kids from drawing on the other walls! If your kids love to draw, this is an easy option. When they get older, you can use it for their list of chores and leave fun notes!

Turn your basement into the perfect kid entertainment space with the help of York Companies 

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