Should I Get an Indoor Pool for my Kansas City Home?

should i get an indoor pool

An indoor pool used to be a symbol of luxury that only a select few could afford. Now, more and more people find that indoor pools are a lot more affordable than they originally thought! At York Companies, we’ve installed countless indoor pools in the Kansas City area, and we’ve helped our customers determine if they’re the best option for their home.

Keep reading to learn more about whether or not you should get an indoor pool for your home. 

Do you have the space?

You’re going to need some extra space to fit in an indoor pool, and with that space, you’re going to have to take some extra care to ensure the humidity doesn’t ruin the walls. If you don’t have a space, you could consider adding on to your home. 

Will you use the pool often?

One of the benefits of an indoor pool is that you don’t have to worry about weather. Regardless of if there’s a storm or it’s freezing outside, you can always enjoy a dip in soothing water. Plus, if you have kids (or just like to have fun yourself), you can host pool parties any time of the year!

Do you want an indoor pool?

At the end of the day, it’s less about whether you should get a pool and more about whether you want an indoor pool. If you truly want an indoor pool, then why not build one? For those in the Kansas City area, we can help you design an indoor pool that flows seamlessly with the rest of your home. 

York Companies has got your pool needs

If you’re wondering whether you should get an indoor pool, York Companies is here to help! We are KC’s go-to shop for pools, decks, and outdoor living. We work with you from start to finish to ensure that we bring your dream to life. 

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