Get Your Kansas City Pool Ready For Winter

Winter is fast approaching in Kansas City. Soon, temperatures will drop below freezing and snow will cover the ground. If you are a pool owner, it is crucial to take measures to get your pool ready for winter. 

At Pools by York, we are proud to be local Kansas City pool experts. We have installed salt water pools, fiberglass pools, and indoor pools all over the Kansas City metro since 2006 and we provide regular service on our pools. 

Check out our advice on how to get your Kansas City pool ready for winter below.

Why is it important to prepare a Kansas City pool for winter?

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Thanks to kids heading back to school and cool autumn weather, your pool has probably not seen much use in the last month or two. However, an empty pool does not mean you can forget about it until it’s time to use it again. 

Protecting your pool for the winter is an important process in pool ownership, and will ensure that your pool opening in May goes smoothly. 

Proper winter protection for pools will ensure there are no freezes that can damage your pool equipment or crack the tiles or lining. 

Ways to get your pool ready for winter

You can either get your pool ready for winter yourself or you can hire Pools By York’s winterizing service. The most important thing to know is that you should completely drain your pool. We will first drain the water line slightly when winterizing your pool to protect the cover from surface freezing.

Below, you will find a few more of the steps we take to prepare your pool for winter in Kansas City.

Clean the pool

You should have an established pool cleaning schedule. However, before you winterize it, it is important to remove all debris from the water, both on the surface and at the bottom of the pool. 

Empty and clean your skimmer, pump basket, and filters. Debris that sinks to the bottom can stain the pool and be hard to clean come summer.

Balance the chemicals

Balanced pool chemistry is a cornerstone of pool safety. You must keep the water clean and protect your equipment. As we prepare pools for the winter months, we:

    • Check pH, alkalinity, & calcium hardness for proper balance
    • Give the water a shock treatment to kill bacteria and disinfect the water
    • Protect against algae all season with a winterizing algaecide 

Check all equipment

Check for calcium buildup on your pump and ensure it is in proper working order. You’ll also want to check your filter, pipes, and heater for any issues that need addressed before winter begins.

This is where having a trained professional come in to check and service all your equipment may be the best option. 

Use your pool cover

We suggest investing in a winter pool cover. A winter pool cover is thicker and more durable than the cover used during the summer and will help maintain proper water levels and protect against damage from ice and snow.

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