What Goes Into the Cost of an Indoor Pool?

Indoor pools are the best option to enjoy swimming year round in your Kansas City home. There are many benefits of an indoor poolyou’ll avoid sunburns, have more privacy, swim in perfectly heated water, and won’t have to do as much maintenance! If you’re thinking about investing in an indoor pool or trying to budget for one, here’s a breakdown of the cost of an indoor pool from the experts at York Companies:


A main component in the cost of an indoor pool is of course the size. However, this not only includes the actual pool, but the entire structure around it. Consider how much space you want to lounge and move around in outside of the pool. If you want a diving board or slide, there are also depth requirements to ensure safety. 

Energy and heating

Indoor pools require more energy and heating than outdoor pools. Not only does the pool need to stay warm and lit, but also the building it is inside of. This goes into both the initial investment cost as well as upkeep. 


As with any construction project, your material choices can drastically affect the end price. Be sure to research the pros and cons of kinds of pools from saltwater vs chlorine to concrete vs fiberglass


Although you won’t need a cover to keep leaves and rain out, you will need one to control humidity. Humidity and light can cause algae growth, which a cover can help you avoid. When planning for the cost of an indoor pool, remember to account for a pool cover. Check out our recent blog on types of pool covers, and why automated covers are the most efficient and safe option.

Save by enclosing your existing pool

If you already have an outdoor pool, you can reduce the construction cost of an indoor pool by enclosing it! If you want to build an outdoor pool and possibly convert it later, try to plan the project accordingly to save even more on electrical and concrete pouring.

Build your dream indoor pool with York Companies!

Ready to start enjoying your indoor pool this fall? As the best indoor pool builders in the KC area, York Companies can keep your project on time and on budget. Please contact us with any further questions about the cost of an indoor pool and try our free quote tool!