Guide: Planning a Budget for a Commercial Tenant Finish

Commercial tenant finishes are a vital component to a successful business. After all, your space is your business’s first impression. Your contractor should be able to work with you to nail down a budget, but here are some expert tips on how to budget for a commercial tenant finish to get the ball rolling. 

Consider the square footage

To start with the buildout, account for the feet you’ll need to cover because many contractors determine a budget for a commercial tenant finish by the square foot. Of course you’ll also be able to choose materials based on pricing and your needs, but keep in mind the purpose. For example, a doctor’s office will need patient rooms while an office may just need open space for cubicles. 

Find the right contractor

The first and most vital step to creating a budget for a commercial tenant finish is to find the best contractor for your needs. As always, you should look for someone with experience. Trying to save by hiring a friend or doing it yourself will likely cost you much more in the long run. You’ll also want someone who is direct about pricing, what they can and can’t do, and works with you to problem solve. 


Sticking to the timeline and budget agreed upon is vital to getting your doors open, and this is all dependent on the contractor. 

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