Your Guide to Saltwater Pool Installation in Kansas City

saltwater pool installation in Kansas City

Guess what? Chlorine pools aren’t your only option if you’re looking for a new pool for summer. Saltwater is a great option for people with sensitive skin or who simply want to forgo excess chemicals. Our contractors at York Companies have installed countless saltwater pools in the area, and our customers love the results. 

Keep reading to learn more about saltwater pool installation in Kansas City and what you can expect. 

When’s the perfect time to start planning for a saltwater pool?

The best time to start planning for your saltwater pool installation is in the fall, so now is the perfect time! Compared to the rest of the year, fall can come with a lot of deals since many people are no longer planning for their pools, giving installers a lot more free time. 

But is it ever too early to start?

Heck no! It’s never too early to get the ball rolling on the pool of your dreams. We will say that cooler fall months are when people aren’t really considering pool, so that’s why we say fall. But you can go well into the winter as well! However, around February, that’s when more people start showing interest and installers become busier. 

What to expect during York’s saltwater pool installation process

It’s helpful to be familiar with our custom process. At Pools by York, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to all your wishes and ideas for your new outdoor living space. For this reason, our process is very flexible and custom to each homeowner.

Planning & Design

It begins with the planning & design phase – we listen to your desires and needs then incorporate those wishes into the design and concept. We will explain each phase of installing your saltwater pool, answer all of your questions, and keep you informed throughout the entire process.

The Installation

This is the most critical part of the process. You can identify a good pool builder by taking a look at their quality of installation. Pools by York is dedicated to precise and accurate pool installations. From industry-leading technology to excavation & gravel foundation work to the plumping system to backfilling and decking – we have you covered.

York Companies has got your pool needs

If you’re interested in saltwater pool installation in Kansas City, York Companies is here to help! We are KC’s go-to shop for pools, decks, and outdoor living. We work with you from start to finish to ensure that we bring your dream to life. 

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