How Much Does A Fiberglass Pool Cost?

Recently, fiberglass pools are becoming the talk of the pool industry. They provide a sleek, modern and timeless addition to any residence. If you’re a homeowner who is looking to invest in a pool installation, a fiberglass pool may be the right fit for you. Although, we know what you’re probably thinking, how much will a fiberglass pool cost me?

How Much Will a Fiberglass Pool Cost?

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The cost of a fiberglass pool will be determined by a handful of factors. Let’s take a step back and compare the installation of a fiberglass pool to a home installation. When installing a house, you have the power to install multiple additions. You also have the ability to determine which materials will be applied. Factors like-so are similar to the factors that will play into a fiberglass pool cost.

Let’s map out the cost specific factors that sway a fiberglass pool cost.

Factors That Play Into The Cost of a Fiberglass Pool

At York, we have been in the pool industry for years. Therefore we’ve seen almost every end of the spectrum in regard to pool installations. After a few years, we discovered clients are always curious about the cost of their fiberglass pool — which makes complete sense. As homeowners, we’re always trying to be cost-conscious.

Our team created a cost calculator for homeowners. This cost calculator helps homeowners narrow down how much their fiberglass pool cost will total up to. Let’s dive into the factors that play into this cost.

fiberglass pool cost kansas city

Size: The length, width, and depth of your fiberglass pool installation will factor into how much your pool installation will cost.

Material: There are three common materials homeowners can choose from when installing a pool: fiberglass, vinyl or gunite concrete. When you’re deciding which pool material to lean on, be sure to chat with a contractor about the differences between pool types.

Pool Additions: There are countless additions homeowners can add to their pools. From fountains and water features to automation and lighting. All pool additions are unique, so it just depends what you’re looking for as a homeowner.

Discover How Much Your Fiberglass Pool Will Cost With Our Free Cost Calculator!

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