How to Protect Your Deck in the Winter | Kansas City Deck Builders

Once cold weather hits, outdoor activities turn from deck BBQs to building snowmen. Unfortunately, many people forget that your deck still needs attention in the winter. Without proper care, you may find that when summer comes back around, your deck has become discolored, cracked, or damaged. No one wants to have to spend more money repairing a deck when it’s 100% avoidable. 

The best way to solve this issue is to learn how to protect your deck in the winter. At York Companies, we are experts on deck maintenance and build the best decks for Kansas City area residents. Here are a few tips to help you protect your deck this winter.

Clean up debris

You’ll want to make sure that your deck stays clean this winter. That means raking up excess leaves, picking up trash, and sweeping away dirt. If debris and dirt are left during the winter, it could clog up your water drain and cause mold or mildew. Ideally, you should clean up before a major snow storm, since snow accumulating on top of debris will only make the problem worse. 

Scrub away stains

BBQs and family gatherings make having a deck really fun, but they can also make having a deck really messy. During the winter, inspect your deck for any stains that could’ve been left over. When it comes time to clean, don’t just use any cleaner you find under the kitchen cabinet. To protect your deck in the winter, you’ll need a bleach-free cleaner that’s mean for outdoor wood. You want your deck to come out nice and refreshed, not yellowed and dull. 

Avoid salt 

When you hear of ice or snow rolling in, the first thing you may think to do is sprinkle some ice on the deck. Do not do that. Salt and other commercial snow removal products could damage your deck and cause unwanted discoloration. It might not be ideal, but a simple shovel is the best way to get rid of accumulating snow. 

Apply a sealant

One of the best ways to protect your deck over the Kansas City winter is to apply a high-quality sealant to protect the finish of your deck. It’ll help to fill in cracks to keep moisture from melted snow and ice out. On top of that, if you add a water-repellent finish, it’ll act as an extra shield against damaging winter weather. 

Cover with a tarp

If you’re not going to be using your deck at all, the last step to protect your deck in the winter is to cover it with a tarp. This will stop snow or ice from getting on your deck in the first place. When you pull it off in the spring, you’ll find your deck in pristine condition, without warping or cracks. 

Protect your deck with York Companies

Even if you’ve done everything to protect your deck, years worth of winter damage or a poorly built deck means it’s time for an upgrade. At York Companies we specialize in building and maintaining beautiful decks in the Kansas City metro area, and we can help you get the deck you’ve always wanted. 


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