Ideas for the Best Outdoor Fireplace in Kansas City This Fall

Kansas Citians love living life outdoors. Walks through our parks, an outdoor sporting game, or a cozy outdoor fireplace are perfect excuses to get outside and soak up the fresh air.

The team at Pools By York creates beautiful pools and custom outdoor living spaces to help more people maximize their enjoyment of the outdoors.

Check out our tips to have the best outdoor fireplace in Kansas City this fall below!

Popular styles of outdoor fireplaces in Kansas City

At Pools By York, we find that clients are most satisfied with their outdoor fireplace in Kansas City when it remains cohesive with the rest of their home’s aesthetic. 

Below you can learn more about the several popular styles of outdoor fireplaces we create.


If you want something sleek and simple, yet eye-catching enough to be a focal point, a modern outdoor fireplace might be the best option for you. If you frequently entertain guests, try adding a large fire feature with built-in seating for endless fun from spring through fall.


Using rocks and stone (and some rough-hewn wooden chairs), we can create a rustic outdoor fireplace that feels like the mountain getaway of your dreams. We can install permanent faux-logs with a gas flame operating beneath, or we can build the area and you can use your own fresh-cut firewood for an authentic experience!


An outdoor fireplace that can be enjoyed from more than just one angle means that you always have a great view, warmth, and can let more people enjoy the fireplace. Using any style of stone, we can create a multi-sided fireplace feature that’s sure to wow your guests.

Fire Features

A gorgeous fire feature around a pool can provide a final touch of sophistication. Consider a sleek, modern stone feature, opt for large pots with fire features, or have us create something entirely unique to you!

Will I need a gas or wood-burning outdoor fireplace?

Depending on your unique needs and preferences, we will help determine which fuel source would be ideal for your outdoor fireplace in Kansas City.


Gas is a clean-burning heat source. Some reasons you might enjoy gas over wood include:

• Avoid cutting or sourcing wood
• Burns bright and warm
• Cost-efficient
Readily available
Minimal to no cleaning

Certain reasons you may not opt for gas might be expenses related to the gas hardline installation, tanks require refilling, and prices for certain gas fuels (like propane) can fluctuate seasonally. 


A wood-burning outdoor fireplace in Kansas City is a classic, cozy choice. If you love the smell of burning wood, and you don’t mind cutting and storing wood, we recommend a wood-burning outdoor fireplace.

Advantages of wood fires include:

• Affordable
• Nostalgia
Great smell & ambiance
Smores, anyone?!

Reasons to skip the wood could be excess smoke production, soot and ash, more required maintenance on the fireplace, and it is a less controlled option, with sparks, hot spots, and flare-ups possible.

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Safety considerations for your outdoor fireplace in Kansas City

Before installing an outdoor fireplace in Kansas City, it is important to take several steps to be sure you will not have any trouble installing or using your new fireplace. You can use your local government’s website, like Johnson County’s, to find out about burn bans and who to contact to get a burn permit.

Here are some things we will take care of for you after you hire us to complete your outdoor fireplace in Kansas City:

• Checking local zoning ordinances and suggesting you check with your HOA to make sure it complies with their rules

• Getting necessary construction permits

Additionally, having a fully charged and inspected fire extinguisher near your fireplace is an essential outdoor fireplace safety practice!

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