It’s Never Too Early to Start on an Indoor Pool Installation

Indoor pools are a viable option for homeowners looking for a year-round activity. We believe installing an indoor pool will add character not only to your home’s aesthetic, but also to your home’s value.

Get Started on an Indoor Pool Installation

An indoor pool installation is a process you don’t want to procrastinate. It will be easier on the homeowner to start the process early. Therefore, you’ll have ample time to discuss your wants, needs, and dreams with your contractor. We believe it’s important to set aside enough time for planning, brainstorming, and installing.

An indoor pool contractor is there to help guide you along the way. Throughout the entire pool installation process, your pool contractor will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We encourage you to rely on your pool contractor. They are there to help you along the way.

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Our Indoor Pool Installation Process

Planning: As most projects unfold, the planning phase is always the first step. During the initial meeting, we’ll walk you through each phase of our installation process. During this meeting, our indoor pool contractors will gather a feel of what you’re looking for.

Excavation: Our pool contractors will determine the correct height and width for the pool. At York, we believe in accuracy.

Water Systems: Our contractors ensure the pool with be pre-plumbed. This allows us to make sure the water system is circulating properly. During this phase, we also will analyze the chlorine levels, lighting, and heating.

Filling: Once all the above steps are complete and up to par, it’s time to fill in the pool. After the pool is filled, we conduct an inspection to make sure all aspects of the indoor pool are covered and complete.

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