Fall is the Best Time of the Year to Install an Indoor Swimming Pool

Top 3 Reasons Fall is the Best Season to Install an Indoor Swimming Pool.

As the weather starts to decline outdoors, our attention tends to turn indoors. If you think about it, summer weather is only a fraction of the year and pool season is typically from May or June to the beginning of September. Approximately 3 out of 12 months.

Install an Indoor Swimming Pool

Install an Indoor Swimming Pool to Enjoy All Year Around.

Choosing to invest in an indoor pool means you have entertainment and an exercise area within walking distance all year long. It’s perfect for a relaxing swim, water aerobics or to entertain your children when it’s too cold to be outside.

Top 3 Reasons to Install an Indoor Pool in the Fall:

Let’s just call it insider information. We’re letting all of our friends in Kansas City know the top 3 ways homeowners can benefit from a Fall installation.

1. Lower Contractor Prices

Do we have your attention yet?  We thought so. The winter months is an extremely slow time for pool builders and installers. We still have bills to pay even when the work slows down so lucky you!

2.Cheaper Cost of Materials

In addition, every year after the new year our construction cost of goods increases from our suppliers.

So literally, there’s no time like the present.

3.Tax Write-Off

Any interest you spend financing your indoor swimming pool in the Kansas City area can be used as a tax write-off at the end of the year.

Love the idea of a pool but don’t want the maintenance?

At Pools by York, we get it. We’re also the typical busybody family that doesn’t have the time to dedicate to continually maintain our pool. For this exact reason, we started offering homeowners pool automation and lighting services in the Kansas City area.

Why Pool Automation & Lighting?

We’re glad you asked! Below are a couple of pretty solid reasons.

It saves you from maintenance time.

Cleaning an average sized pool can take 3 hours, an automatic cleaner takes approximately 45 minutes. The devices are self-programmable with microprocessors which allow them to navigate around the water by themselves. This means that your pool stays clean without the need to expend your time and effort dragging cleaning implements through the waters.

Easily control with a single touch on your device.

Everyone’s favorite feature! Control the temperature, pool chemical levels, lighting and more from your phone, computer or tablet. Simple! Just like that!

Save money and install an indoor swimming pool in the fall. Get a free quote today.