What You Should Know About Custom Inground Pools in Kansas City

There’s a lot more that goes into custom inground pools in Kansas City than you probably think. All too often, many of our customers at York Companies aren’t fully aware of what they’re getting into before they decide to contract an inground pool. 

So that you stay informed, here’s what you should know about custom inground pools in Kansas City.

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A custom inground pool doesn’t have to be concrete

It’s true that concrete pools have been around for a long time, but they aren’t your only option. In fact, we believe that fiberglass pools work for a lot of homes. You can decide what shape and depth you want, then the pool is built in a warehouse. That means you don’t have to live with a destroyed backyard for months. With a fiberglass pool, installation is quick and easy. 

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You can choose between saltwater or chlorine pools

The choice between a saltwater pool or chlorine is up to you. Do your research on saltwater versus chlorine pools so that you know which one will work best. We aren’t going to say one is better than the other (actually, at York Companies we do both!) So whatever you chose, just give us a call and we can build your custom inground pool in Kansas City. 

Inground pools can come with pool automation

One of the best parts of a custom inground pool is that you can choose to add pool automation. Pool automation is a great way to control the temperature, lighting, chemical levels, and you can even cover your pool while you’re gone. 

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