Landscaping 101: Difference Between Softscape and Hardscape

When creating the perfect outdoor space, your first thought may be, “I need great landscaping.” But before you pick out a landscaper in Kansas City, it’s important to understand the difference between softscape and hardscape so that you can get the most out of designing your backyard.

Our team at York Companies are pros when it comes to building the outdoor living space of your dreams. Landscaping can be difficult, but we’re dedicated to giving you the best information to make the process as easy as possible. 

What is softscape?

Softscape is the living plants that bring life to your backyard. This includes grass, trees, shrubbery, flowers, and more. Many people use softscape to create a unique ambiance to their home, and it’s a perfect way to test our your green thumb.

Depending on the softscape you choose, it may require a good amount of maintenance. Plants need to be watered, grass needs to be fertilized, and shrubs need to be trimmed. To keep your outdoor space in tip-top shape, you might have to do weekly maintenance (or you can hire someone to do it for you).

What is hardscape?

Hardscape are the nonliving pieces of your landscape design, including patios & decks, sidewalks, fences, and pergolas. Unlike softscape, hardscape tends to have a specific purpose other than aesthetics. 

For example, fences help protect the boundary of your home. Materials like stone, rock, or concrete can help dry out soil to prevent standing water and flooding, and decks and patios are a great way to host outdoor parties or spend time with your family and friends. 

Hardscape is also a more permanent aspect of landscaping. With softscape, you can change your plants every season or year to switch things up. On the other hand, hardscape is something you want to be sure of. When you choose to build something like a patio, it’s meant to be part of your home for years. That’s why finding inspiration for your outdoor space is super helpful to get you started. 

York Companies has your hardscaping needs covered

Now that you know the difference between softscape and hardscape, York Companies can help you build beautiful decks and patios with any deck material you want. If you want to go the extra mile, we can update your outdoor space with a fireplace, kitchen, or even a customized fiberglass pool

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