Have an Easier Summer With Retractable Swimming Pool Covers in Parkville

Retractable swimming pool covers in Parkville are your solution to this time-consuming task.

There’s nothing worse than when Kansas weather decides to throw a fit and allows clumps of leaves to blow into your pool. This makes it your job to fish them out leaf by leaf. Our retractable swimming pool covers are requested frequently as our customers realize there is a simple way to keep out bugs, leaves, and any other debris floating around. Our pool covers meet the National ASTM 1346 rating, creating durable covers that can withstand anything life throws at it.

Meet our pools and learn what makes them the best!

Fiberglass swimming pools are your backyard’s perfect summertime accessory.

Fiberglass pools in Parkville will add that extra pizzaz to your yard, leaving your neighbors in awe. Don’t wait much longer to install, as February and March are the last months to guarantee a custom fiberglass pool by the start of summertime!

Are you curious about saltwater pools instead?

More homeowners are leaning towards saltwater pools as they are less maintenance and are more cost-efficient. Customers have said that the saltwater pools feel softer and are less-harsh on their eyes and skin compared to chlorine pools. Contact our contractors to discuss if a saltwater pool could be an option for you with our free quote.

retractable swimming pool covers

Help your day flow a little smoother with luxurious pool automation & lighting features.

Take the extra time off your hands with automated features and lighting that will make your relaxing pool time even more relaxing. Control your pool with the touch of your finger with these tasks your automation will do for you.

Control the pool cover: you can operate your pool cover from anywhere, at any time.

Control the chemical levels of the pool: check up on your pool’s chemical levels at any time of the day.

Control the cleanliness of the pool: we offer automatic pool cleaners so you won’t have to move a muscle.

Program automatic temperature cycles: Kansas weather is wacky, control the temperature to match any weather pattern.

Time the lighting of your pool: Never forget to turn your lights off again with custom automated lighting.

Pool Automation and Lighting in Kansas City


Pool fountains & water features are the perfect finishing touches to your backyard hangout.

Create a backyard wonderland to add to your saltwater pool and retractable swimming pool cover. Decorate with accented fountains, waterfalls, water spouts and more. Our contractors will work beside you to discover what fountains and features would coordinate best in your backyard. Pools by York can also install basketball and volleyball nets, along with waterslides to make your backyard the coolest summertime hangout for the kiddos.