Low-Maintenance Swimming Pools in Kansas City

York Companies is the trusted choice for low-maintenance swimming pools in Kansas City. Fiberglass swimming pools are easy to maintain and look great!

Coping afterDo you want all the benefits of a pool but are worried about maintenance? Fiberglass swimming pools are a great choice for busy homeowners. The surface of a fiberglass pool is almost non-porous, while a concrete pool has a rough texture. Because of the smooth surface, algae doesn’t cling to fiberglass pools like it does in concrete pools. Fiberglass also maintains the pH of the pool, while concrete pools tend to raise the pH. Overall, homeowners with fiberglass pools tend to spend 75% less time and money maintaining their pools.

Check out York Companies’ portfolio of low-maintenance swimming pools in Kansas City. York Companies offers custom designs, including attached spas, water features, slides, and more! York Companies can even design and install a complete outdoor oasis with a kitchen, patio, fire pit, deck…you name it!

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