How to Maintain a Pool in Winter

Having a pool right in your backyard is a great investment, but taking proper care of it is key to saving yourself from trouble down the road. If you don’t properly tend to your pool, it can lead to expensive repairs and unsafe swimming conditions. 


Kansas City experiences both ends of extreme weather, so you need to know how to maintain a pool in winter. Here’s some tips from the pool experts at York Companies!

Invest in a durable pool cover

Pool covers are an often overlooked step of how to maintain a pool in winter. Not only do they keep out debris, they also protect your pool from algae and keep animals and people from falling in. Opting for a custom automated cover will ensure that the water is kept clean and bug-free all winter!

Prepare for freezing

Water freezing can cause damage if not prepared for. Lowering the water level 1-6 inches below the skimmer can help you avoid tiles cracking, but do NOT drain it entirely! You’ll also want to drain your pump, heater, & filter, and dry them well to avoid pipes bursting. 


One of the biggest terms you’ll hear when researching how to maintain a pool in winter is “winterizing.” For more information on chemical maintenance, check out our blog dedicated to winterizing pools.

Check regularly

Checking the water levels and looking for leaks every month will help you avoid larger problems. Remember that you can add mid-winter algaecide to cut down spring pool cleaning and avoid the unbearable green muck!

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