How to Maintain A Saltwater Pool | Kansas City Pool Experts

What’s so great about saltwater pools? For starters, not having to deal with chlorine (among many other benefits)! You don’t have to worry about constantly checking chlorine levels and adding chemicals, so there’s less maintenance required. However, there are a few things you should know about how to maintain a saltwater pool so it’s always ready to go. Here’s a rundown from the Kansas City pool experts at York Companies. 

Clean regularly

Like any pool, it’s important to clean saltwater pools regularly. Saltwater can damage devices not intended for saltwater, so double check that your cleaning devices are labeled as safe. You also need to check your pool’s circulation which you can use salt detectors for in different areas. The salt generator also needs to be inspected and chemically cleaned to function properly. You also need to inspect and chemically clean the salt generator for it to function properly.

Maintain salt and pH levels

Checking and balancing your pool’s chemistry is a vital part of how to maintain a saltwater pool. Your salt generator has a minimum amount of salt required, so measure out what needs to be added. The pH level, which you can use a kit to test, should be about 7.4, but you can lower it as needed. 

Shock as needed

Saltwater pools actually have a bit of chlorine in them, so they still need to be shocked. After testing the pH, calcium, and Alkalinity levels, and carefully measuring the ingredients, you can get to shocking. Be sure to read directions clearly and always measure! For details, read our blog on shocking saltwater pools.

Install your saltwater pool with York Companies

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