How Much Does a Deck Installation Cost?

If you’re in the process of exploring new deck installations, chances are one of the burning questions in the back of your mind is, “how much does a deck installation cost?” For most of us, finances pull a hefty amount of weight in our decision-making process. Therefore, it’s important for us to find the perfect price for our new installation.

Over the years, homeowners constantly ask what the cost of their deck installation will be. We understand the concern and financial matters at stake. Therefore, we thought we’d share with our customers what exactly factors into our cost. It’s important to us for our customers to be in the loop.

What Factors Into the Cost of a Deck Installation?

There are many aspects that factor into the cost of a deck installation. For starters, when you side with a more expensive deck installation, you’re paying for quality. Although there is always a happy medium in this industry.

deck installation cost

We’ve been in the deck installation business for years. Therefore, we know what key assets weigh a deck installation cost.

Material: Material is a major factor that pulls into the deck installation cost. At York, we offer countless materials for all price ranges and home aesthetics. Some of the many materials we offer include: composite, PVC, cedar, treated lumber, stone, concrete, and pavers.

Size: The size of your installation heavily factors into the cost of your deck installation. We take into account the length, width, and height of your deck.

How Much Does a Deck Installation Cost?

how much will my deck installation cost

Now the big question looms over our head, how much will my deck installation cost? This varies by person. As noted above, material and size play into the cost of your deck installation.

We created a deck installation cost calculator to give our customers a narrowed idea of how much a deck installation will cost.

Find Your Fit with our Deck Installation Cost Calculator

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