How Much Room Do You Need For a Swimming Pool in Kansas City?

Deciding to build a pool is pretty exciting, but many people wonder exactly how much room they need to build a swimming pool in Kansas City. The truth is, a great pool installer will create a pool that flows with your backyard, no matter the size. 

If you want to learn more, our pool contractors at York Companies have all you need to know about how much room you need for a swimming pool. Keep reading to find out!

What to consider about the size of your yard

First things first: you need to compare the kind of pool you want to the size of your yard. As of now, how much green space do you have and how much do you want to keep? More than likely, you don’t want your pool to take up your entire yard. If you have pets or children and want them to run around, you may have to scale down the size pool you want. 

As a general rule (which you can totally break if you want), a pool should take up about 25% of your yard to allow you to have space to do other things. Again, that number is up to you. If you don’t plan on doing a whole lot other than swimming in your backyard, your pool can take up more space. 

What if my yard is super small?

If you have a very small backyard, you still have options! You can choose to get a smaller pool, especially if you don’t plan on having hoards of people inside at once. Another option is to play around with shapes. Just because rectangles are common, doesn’t mean you have to get one. Finding a shape that fits best inside a smaller area could make a lot of difference. 

There are some technicalities, such as wiring and electrical work, that an installer will have to consider as well. So if you’re concerned about the size, it’s always best to reach out to a pool contractor in Kansas City to help you out. 

Get started with York Companies

At the end of the day, the best way to know how much room you need for a swimming pool in Kansas City is by talking to a professional. At York Companies, our contractors will examine your space to see which size and shape of pool will work best to give you the pool you’ve always wanted. 

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