Why You Need a Hot Tub in Kansas City

Of course pools in Kansas City are great for summer, but you can enjoy a hot tub year-round! Whether you just want a way to relax your muscles after a long day or to host parties, you can’t go wrong with a hot tub. Here are the top reasons we think you’ll love a hot tub in Kansas City!

Health benefits

There are many health benefits that a hot tub can provide both physically and mentally. We all know that amazing feeling of your muscles instantly relaxing when you first step in ???? but did you know that there are proven benefits including improved sleep, pain relief, better cardiovascular health, improved insulin sensitivity, and you can even burn calories?!


According to Dr. Bruce Becker, soaking in a hot tub can also relieve stress and provide mental clarity due to increased blood flow. 

Year-round use

Pools are great for summer, but us midwesterners understand the limited time frame that they are actually usable. By opting for or adding a hot tub to your backyard living space, you’ve extended the use of the entire space! 

Increase your home value

A well-staged hot tub is definitely an attention-grabber for potential buyers. The design possibilities are endless, but if your end goal is to sell, make sure that the hot tub aesthetic correlates with your backyard/home. In order to maintain value, you’ll also need to keep up with maintenance.


For more visual inspiration, check out HGTV’s slideshow and our portfolio.

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