What You Need to Know About Underwater Pool Lighting Safety

Underwater pool lighting is a great way to set the mood and go for a swim at night. York offers a variety of colors, tones, and brightness settings to match your oasis! 

Are underwater pool lights safe?

If you own a pool or are working on installing one, you need to keep underwater pool lighting safety in mind. Professional installation is key to reducing shock risk. York Companies has years of experience, good reviews, updated certifications, & we use high quality lights. Our experts are properly trained in bonding and grounding underwater lights to maximize your underwater pool light safety. It is important not to try to skip corners to save money when investing in underwater pool light installation and have a professional install them. 


Speaking of safety, underwater pool lighting also allows you to see underwater, creating a much safer swimming environment, especially at night time.

Setting times for your pool lights to be on and off

Making sure your pool lights are off when not in use not only creates a safer space, but also saves money! If you don’t want to stress about wondering if you turned the lights off, York Companies also offers lighting control and automation so you can set when you want your lights to be on and off.


LED lights are a great option for reducing the amount of electricity used (and therefore money!). 

Have professionals check your underwater pool lights

Having a professional check your pool lights before every summer pool season can dramatically affect your underwater pool lighting safety. This also tests the lights’ brightness, and you can replace any broken fixtures before you open up your pool again. 

Come to York for safe pool lighting installation

Whether you’re building your backyard pool with us or just switching out your pool’s lights, York Companies is the best option to ensure your family’s safety. Check out our pool lighting portfolio & contact us today to learn more about installation and safety from our Kansas City pool experts.