How Often Should I Clean My Pool? | Kansas City Pool Experts

Truth be told, how often you should clean your pool is a loaded question. There are different types of pools and different kinds of cleaning options. However, our experts at York Companies not only build beautiful fiberglass pools, we also help people in the Kansas City area learn the best pool maintenance practices. 

Daily pool cleaning tasks

Your everyday tasks aren’t going to be anything crazy, but you do want to clear out any debris you see with a net. Nighttime winds could blow leaves, sticks, and other unwanted stuff into your pool. Fortunately, it doesn’t take too much work to get them out! It’s best to do this everyday to reduce build up and avoid future damage. 

Weekly pool cleaning tasks

Each week, you want to make sure you check the pH levels of your pool and adjust them accordingly if they’re off balance. You also want to brush the walls and floors of your pool at least once a week. Along with that, vacuuming is a crucial roll through the nooks and crannies your brush can’t reach. You can always create a schedule to keep you on track! For some, reserving a single day a week for pool maintenance makes things a lot easier. 

Additional cleaning tasks: Don’t forget! 

While the daily and weekly tasks are fairly simple, there are some bigger tasks you should do every month and every couple of months. Many people overlook these, so we want to emphasize: do not forget. These tasks include:

  • Cleaning pool filters
  • Shock pool when necessary
  • Dose pool with metal remover 

If you ever have questions about maintenance, you can always contact our team, we’ll be able to help you out! Remember, a clean pool gives you a better experience and really impacts how long they will last. 

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