Outdoor Bar Ideas For Your Kansas City Home

Finally, summer in KC is here! What better way to enjoy the weather than sipping on your favorite cocktails at your outdoor home bar. Good Housekeeping offers some great visual inspiration for all budgets. Here are some of York’s favorite outdoor bar ideas perfect for entertaining guests this summer.


A poolside bar will make you feel like you’re not in Kansas anymore! If you don’t have a pool, York Companies also offers custom pool & spa installation. You can opt for a swim up-pool in the water and have a drink center right off the edge, or go for seating right outside the pool. There are lots of material options to fit your needs and style, including stone and wood. 

Attachment to home

If you’re looking for a more year-round deal, attaching a small bar to your kitchen through a window is a charming option! Simply build a bar table off the kitchen window and add stools. These outdoor bar ideas are great for dinner parties so the inside and outside of your home feels more connected. This is a great way to keep an eye on your kids without them running around the kitchen!

Wooden bar cart

A wooden bar cart is a cheaper & moveable option, but still super trendy! You can decorate the cart with lights, flowers, and quirky dishware to complete the look. You could also go with wicker or paint the wood to fit your outdoor living space style.

Create your dream outdoor bar this summer with York Companies

Love these outdoor bar ideas or have a vision of your own? The pros at York Companies can make your dream a reality! Check out our portfolio for more inspiration and get a free quote online to get started.