The Best Features for an Outdoor Fireplace in Kansas City

outdoor fireplace in Kansas City

As the winter months continue, it makes us want to enjoy the outdoors more and more. It’s tough to comfortably enjoy a Midwest winter day, but with an outdoor fireplace you can ????

An outdoor fireplace in Kansas City can help you enjoy your outdoor space all year round. This cozy home addition has many benefits, which we’ve discussed before, but there are also some impressive feature options in outdoor fireplaces. 

Double Sided

Get warm from any angle with a double sided outdoor fireplace. These work great as a divider between spaces. They also make it more accessible for everyone to be able to get warm and toasty around the fire. 

Custom Design for Perfect Style and Fit

With an outdoor fireplace in Kansas City, York Companies will create a fireplace that matches your space to make a seamless transition from inside the home to outside. Whether it’s traditional, rustic, modern, or anything in between, you can ensure that the style of your outdoor fireplace will complement its environment and make your home even more beautiful.

Outdoor Comfort and Relaxation All Year Round

Winter blues can get anyone down, and not being able to spend time outside in nature can be a contributing factor. An outdoor fireplace in Kansas City can allow for you to get outside to relax by yourself or with loved ones and take a break. Fireplaces are a great source of relaxation, and coupling that with time outside can boost your wellbeing!

York Companies Can Create Your Dream Outdoor Space

When you hire York Companies, you’ll get a personalized experience from start to finish. We love to make our customers’ dreams a reality, and that of course includes customization of their home renovation projects. We’d love to discuss your outdoor fireplace ideas with you. Contact us today.