Outdoor Fireplace Styles to Complete Your Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor fireplace allows you to enjoy your backyard throughout spring and summer and even when temperatures drop ???? Some top benefits of a custom outdoor fireplace in Kansas City are that it raises your property value and is great for outdoor entertaining—whether you want to cook or just warm up! There are tons of materials and styles to choose from; here’s more on some of York Companies’ favorite outdoor fireplace styles.

Corner fireplaces

One of the reasons to get a corner outdoor fireplace is that it doesn’t take up much space. It’s easy to install in an already-completed deck or outdoor living space, so you won’t have to redesign the layout or haul around furniture! You can still choose whichever styles and materials fit your vision.

Classic rock or stone

The timeless rock/stone outdoor fireplace styles can suit many homes’ aesthetics! A more natural, rough stone is perfect for traditional or rustic homes, but you can also go for a smooth rock for a more sleek look. If you want to spice it up, you can arrange the stones in a pattern, paint them, or even mix materials! Looking for more backyard privacy? You can also opt for a more dramatic fireplace built into a wall. 


While stone outdoor fireplace styles can blend beautifully with a modern space, there are also options including unique shapes and concrete design. A popular modern choice is a concrete block with a small line of fire through the middle. 

Fire features to enhance your outdoor fireplace style

Fire features are a beautiful addition that is sure to catch guests’ eyes! If you want a more decorative style, these are perfect to put around the pool, dining table, or walkway. You can choose from fire bowls, fire tables, and even water/fire features for a real attention-grabber! You can read more about fire feature styles on our recent blog. 

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