How to Find the Best Outdoor Kitchen Contractors for Your Kansas City Home

Cooking outdoors doesn’t have to just be for grilling! With an outdoor kitchen, you can combine your love of cooking with the outdoors for the ultimate home cooking experience. 

There are tons of benefits of an outdoor kitchen, and you want to find the best contractor to do the job! This is no easy DIY project, especially since it involves wiring and plumbing for appliances and lots of careful design and planning. Let’s discuss how to find the best outdoor kitchen contractors for your home. 

Reviews. Reviews. Reviews.

Online review sites such as Google Reviews, Angies List, Home Advisor, and Yelp are all good places to look for information about your prospective outdoor kitchen contractors. It’s best to read reviews on multiple sites; it’s always good to look at information from multiple sources. If there are attached photos, make sure to take a peek! 

You can also find reviews at the source from your friends, family, or neighbors who have their own outdoor kitchens. It wouldn’t hurt to see if they liked working with their outdoor kitchen contractors. You can also ask about other things they wish they’d known before having an outdoor kitchen installed. Using your resources is key, ask away!

Check Out Contractor Portfolios

A good outdoor kitchen contractor will have a portfolio readily available for you to see. You can use this to get inspiration for your own outdoor kitchen, but remember that the contractor isn’t just limited to their portfolio! 

Many contractors love to be creative with their clients (at York Companies, we sure do!) and will work with you on creating something made especially for you. You could also ask if you can see some of the contractor’s work in-person if possible.

York Companies | Premier Outdoor Kitchens in Kansas City

Reviews and portfolios are your best bet for finding great outdoor kitchen contractors. At York Companies, we are outdoor kitchen contractors and so much more. We’re experienced in all types of indoor and outdoor projects, and we’d love to create your dream outdoor kitchen. Contact us today to learn more!