The Trendiest Outdoor Kitchen Designs of 2019

This year in outdoor kitchen designs the waters are getting infinitely more creative. Homeowners are taking home additions to a whole new level this year. From elegant and classic designs to modern and chic, 2019 is doing wonders for outdoor kitchen designs.

2019’s Trendiest Outdoor Kitchen Designs

outdoor kitchen designs

There are several statement items we’ve noticed throughout most outdoor kitchen designs this year. As industry experts, we want to share the most common kitchen designs we’ve noticed so far this year. From fire pits to pizza ovens, you don’t want to sleep on the trendiest designs for your outdoor kitchen!

Fire Pits: The most common staple item that keeps appearing this year is fire pits. Homeowners began to notice how functional and stylish fire pits can be. Not only are they magnificent additions in the winter time, but they are wonderful for summer hangouts.

Prep stations: An outdoor kitchen is only complete with a pristine prep station. We offer countless styles for prep stations from the eager chef that requires a larger preparation station to the simple chef — we have your back!

Pizza Oven: From flatbreads to extravagant pizzas, pizza ovens are a crowd favorite. Most outdoor kitchen designs are beginning to integrate pizza ovens as it’s a wonderful asset to have when hosting.

Grills: We all know Kansas Citians loves their barbeque, so why not get started perfecting your own special ingredient? It’s always a treat having a barbeque competition with your friends. Now is the perfect time to get started. Grills have been a prime staple in outdoor kitchen designs for years and they’re back and better than ever.

outdoor kitchen designs

Incorporating Outdoor Kitchen Designs Into Your Backyard

There are multiple ways to incorporate these outdoor kitchen designs into your home — just ask a contractor! At York, our outdoor kitchen contractors are available to help guide you in the right direction. If you’re curious about a certain asset, just ask. We’re here to help!

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