Plan a Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installation in Lawrence

Start planning a fiberglass swimming pool installation in Lawrence.

Are you a homeowner in the Lawrence Kansas area and looking to add an element of entertainment to your backyard? We know exactly what you need – a fiberglass swimming pool installation in Lawrence Kansas. Lawrence is a vibrant city known as the home of the KU Beakers and to thousands of students each year. It’s a young city that thrives on entertainment.

What’s the best way to entertain?

Well, for starters  – Pools by York recommends a fiberglass swimming pool installation project. A fiberglass pool is perfect to engage your friends, family, and kids during the summer.

When is the perfect time to plan a fiberglass swimming pool installation?

Fall is the perfect time to install a fiberglass swimming pool. However, many of us don’t think about swimming pools during the chilly fall season. People start inquiring about swimming pools at an increasing rate around February and continues to climb until it hits its peak in June & July.

Start Planning: Choose Your Pool Option.

What can you do now? You can start planning. The first step is to ask more about our fiberglass pool installation options and then we can talk about the logistics of your project.

Pools by York’s Installation Process.


When you partner with Pools by York, we walk you through a custom process that is designed for your success. We begin the process with the planning and design phase. During this stage, we will explain each phase of installing your fiberglass pool, listen to your needs and desires to ensure your wishes are incorporated into the design.


Pools by York understands how important a quality installation is to the longevity of your pool. In fact, it is possibly the most important step in the entire process. Luckily, Pools by York uses industry-leading technology for accurate installations.

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