Planning a Basement Renovation on a Budget

If you’re longing to upgrade your basement space into the perfect extra office, bar area, or exercise room but are struggling to find a design that’s in your budget, York has your back! Our basement remodeling experts have the years of experience needed to bring innovative and versatile designs to life. Our builders have provided some of their expertise when it comes to achieving a basement renovation on a budget:

Don’t attempt to do it yourself

While it may be tempting to try to take on a DIY project to save some money, it will likely end up being more expensive. Basements are prone to moisture problems, so missing these issues before construction can lead to much further damage and costly repairs. 

Focus on the little things

Tired of your basement feeling like a dungeon? Bringing in natural light through windows and glass doors is a quick and effective way to transform the space!


Unfinished floors are an instant negative attention-grabber. Finishing your flooring with a classic neutral carpet or wood panels will make your basement exponentially more inviting.  

Create a multi-functional space

When planning a basement renovation on a budget, versatility is key. Rather than creating a space specifically for an at-home gym or office, opt for a room that you can convert as your needs change. 


By adding the finishing touches we’ve already listed, you’ve opened up a whole new space in your home for whatever your family needs! However, don’t forget to leave an appropriate amount of storage space, which is a room that you can leave unfinished if you want to save more. 

Come to York Companies, the best construction company in Kansas City!

Whether you want to make a few quick improvements or go all out with a full remodel, the York team can help you execute your basement renovation on a budget. Check out our portfolio to see some of our past work and try our hassle-free quote tool to get a head start on your project. 

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