Planning a Bathroom Renovation On a Budget

Whether you’re planning to sell your house or just looking to refresh your bathroom for your own use, bathroom renovations are a great home investment! You spend more time in the bathroom than you may think, and having a sleek, properly-functioning and laid out space can add some pep to your daily routine. That being said, you may not want to completely start over completely. Here are some tips from the expert bathroom renovators at York Companies for your bathroom renovation on a budget that will completely transform your space!

Install new flooring and countertops

Bathroom flooring can get warped and discolored faster than other rooms thanks to all of the constant heat and water. Start fresh with new, timeless flooring such as wood-like vinyl or sleek tiles. Times have changed, so many older homes’ bathrooms were built with poor materials that can cause your countertop to appear dirty through fading and lifting. Try opting for cultured marble or laminate and simply switch out the area surrounding the sink.

Upgrade your appliances

Complete bathroom renovations can skyrocket in price due to moving and reinstalling plumbing and wiring, so when you start your bathroom renovation on a budget try to maintain the general layout. A new toilet, shower door, and sink will make your bathroom feel brand new! Have a professional inspect which appliances are still doing well and think about if they fit your vision to decide which ones to replace. 

Modernize your lighting

Poor bathroom lighting is the worst! The bathroom is where you get ready and take care of yourself, so being able to see well is important. You’ll want equal lighting in the shower and toilet area, and an extra focus near the sink and mirror. Find a temperature that suits your style!

Add personal touches

Don’t forget to make the space your own. Just because you’re doing a bathroom renovation on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Finding accessories like fun tiles and an intricate lighting fixture can spice it up for a low price. 

The York Companies team can upgrade your bathroom on a budget!

Our experienced specialists can work through your goals and budget to create the perfect personalized solution for your bathroom renovation on a budget. Check out our portfolio for more inspiration, try our hassle-free quote tool, and contact us so we can get to work ASAP!