Plunge Pools in Kansas City

A plunge pool is a small, shallow pool that is most often used for lounging, cooling off and wading. Since the great recession and the shifts in weather, plunge pools have become more popular because they are less expensive to put in, use fewer chemicals, and require less water.

Plunge pools in Kansas City

In cities and suburbs everywhere, high land costs mean houses are being built on smaller lots. The smaller size and profile of plunge pools means they can fit nicely in these spaces.

As they have become more popular, more users have been found for plunge pools. They can be part of your home exercising program by outfitting them with jets to provide a resistive swimming pool. Plunge Pools can be placed next to a hot tub as a cold pool. This form of water therapy has been used for centuries. Even the Romans would jump into a cold pool after a workout or be using a hot tub or sauna.

Plunge Pools in Kansas City

Built-in seating, jets, and heaters

Other features for new plunge pools include a flat bottom for low impact water aerobics and built-in seating with optional jets to provide targeted messages. You can even add a heater to the plunge pool to make it a hot tub! For instance, you use the pool Monday through Friday morning for exercise. You have friends coming over to watch the game this weekend, and you know they will want to hang out and relax. On Friday morning after your workout you turn on the heater, and by Saturday your workout pool is a hot tub!

Pool waterfalls, fountains, and more

But, unlike a hot tub which usually looks like a big cube sitting on your patio, Plunge pools are in the ground and can even be enhanced with waterfalls, fountains or bubblers to add sound and ambiance to your garden.