Pool Advice From Kansas City Pool Experts

Owning a pool can be a lot of hard work. In fact, some people avoid building one just because they think maintenance is too hard. However, our team at York Companies is always here to help you with any pool advice to ease some of those fears. Based on our years of experience, here are basic tips to keep your pool up and running (without pulling out your hair).

Decide which type of pool you want

The decision goes beyond in-ground vs. above-ground pools. Once you choose an in-ground pool, it’s important to decide which kind you want. While concrete is a choice that many people lean toward (mainly because it’s more well known), fiberglass pools are a great option if you want a pool faster with the same beauty. 

Perform regular maintenance 

If you’re not going to regularly clean your pool (or at least hire someone else to do it), your pool isn’t going to be in tip-top shape. Not only do you want to make sure chemical levels are optimal, you’ll also want to brush the walls, clear out debris, and vacuum. 

Don’t skimp on pool add-ons

Add-ons such as slides, pool fountains, and pool lighting can take your pool to the next level. So when considering building a pool, think about the entire look and feel. You can even get automation technology that can help you manage your pool without you having to do anything! 

Have fun with it! 

At the end of the day, our biggest pool advice is to just have fun. Summer is all about fun in the sun, and a pool is a great way to help you enjoy those rays. When you have your own pool, you can enjoy it any day, any time (especially if you have lights). Just remember to always wear sunscreen! 

York Companies has got your pool needs

If you’re looking for information about building a pool or general pool advice, York Companies is here to help! We are KC’s go-to shop for pools, decks, and outdoor living. We work with you from start to finish to ensure that we bring your dream to life. 


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