Pool Automation and Lighting in Overland Park

Are you looking to add that wow factor to your home? Add custom pool automation and lighting in Overland Park.

Is your home your castle? Is it the place that you love to continually improve with the goal of perfection? Appearances are everything, especially in a world of HGTV and Pinterest. Add an extra element of wow to your backyard with pool automation and lighting in Overland Park.

Why pool automation and lighting in Overland Park?

Pool Automation and Lighting in Overland Park


We’re sure you’re asking yourself this question – is it worth the investment? If you have a busy schedule, juggling a career, social activities and keeping up with the kids, you probably don’t have a lot of excess free time to dedicate to cleaning your pool.

“I rarely have time to enjoy my pool, let alone clean it!”   Sound familiar? That’s when pool automation and lighting in Overland Park will come in handy.

It saves you from maintenance time.

Cleaning an average sized pool can take 3 hours, an automatic cleaner takes approximately 45 minutes. The devices are self-programmable with microprocessors which allow them to navigate around the water by themselves. This means that your pool stays clean without the need to expend your time and effort dragging cleaning implements through the waters.

Easily control with a single touch on your device.

Everyone’s favorite feature! Control the temperature, pool chemical levels, lighting and more from your phone, computer or tablet. Simple! Just like that!

The Perfect Space to Entertain at Night.

Interested in a late night swim? Or a late night party with your friends and family? Pool lighting creates a nice, subtle ambiance that is perfect to set the mood for a night of entertaining. Your home will be the go-to place for all summer gatherings.

Looking to add warmth to your outdoors? Fire pits and fireplaces installation in Overland Park.

So many of our homeowners in the Johnson County area enjoy having a firepit or fireplace to gather around when the nights become a little chilly. Kick up your feet and enjoy an evening outside bonding, or snuggling, with those you love most.


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