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We know that the first step to a successful summer involves relaxing in the pool. It’s refreshing, rejuvenating, and downright relaxing. Although most of us are quite busy during the daytime. This is an issue we’ve already handled. Pool automation and lighting in Lenexa and Leawood is a feature we discovered helps the busy relax even more.

Pool Automation and Lighting in Overland Park

Pool automation puts you in control

Our industry-leading technology for pool automation and lighting allows owning a pool to be easy and convenient. Pool automation in Lenexa and Leawood lets you spend your time enjoying the pool.

  • Control the pool cover: Having an automated pool cover allows you to control it from wherever you are. If you’re out of town or just at the grocery store and a storm is about to form, with the press of a button the pool cover can be applied. An automated pool cover is convenient to closing the pool off from outdoor debris that can get into your pool.
  • Control the cleanliness: Pool automation in Lenexa and Leawood allows you to evaluate your pool’s chemical levels from anywhere. We also supply automatic pool cleaners that are simple and efficient in maintaining a correct chemical balance within the pool.
  • Control the temperature cycles: Living in the midwest calls for a fluctuation in temperatures. This can cause homeowners to want to change their temperature, from cold to warm, according to the weather. You can set your temperature to the perfect cold or warmth that you enjoy to relax in.
  •  Control the lighting: Most of us tend to forget to turn the lights off – It happens. With pool automation and lighting in Lenexa and Leawood, you’ll never have to worry again. Automatic pool lighting allows you to set a timer for the lights to go on or off.

Pool Automation and Lighting in Kansas City

Light up the night with pool lighting in Lenexa and Leawood

Automated pool lighting in Lenexa and Leawood is more ideal than you can imagine. Being able to create an accented lighting that will allow you to swim after-hours is ideal for those of us who are busy during the day. There are a variety of options for automated lighting in Lenexa and Leawood for each homeowner.

  • Color
  • Light
  • Tone
  • Brightness

Allow your days to be stress-free with pool automation and pool lighting in Lenexa & Leawood!