Why You’ll Love a Pool Automation System in Kansas City

Let’s be honest. Pools do require regular maintenance. What if pool maintenance could be made much easier and more efficient for pool owners? This is possible with a pool automation system!

A pool automation system makes the work of a pool owner much easier for many reasons.

Control the pool cover with the touch of a button.

Is there a storm brewing and you don’t want to have to go out to make sure nothing gets in your pool? Or maybe you’re in a rush to leave for a trip; an automatic pool cover saves you a lot of hassle. Putting on and removing a pool cover is a lot of physical work, and an automated pool cover can take care of it for you.

Easily maintain your pool’s chemical levels and cleanliness.

Do you find yourself feeling like a wannabe scientist when really you just want to hop in the pool and enjoy yourself? A pool automation system takes care of this maintenance for you and allows you to easily monitor the pool from your device. 

Create and schedule your pool’s temperature levels.

Instead of manually fidgeting with the pool temperature day in and day out, create a temperature schedule that best suits your pool use. 

Specify times for your pool lights to turn off and on.

You never want to wake up in the middle of the night worrying if the pool lights are on or off, plus, we all like to save money on our electric bills. Just like with the temperature, you can schedule your pool lights to be on when you need them and off when you don’t.

Pool Automation Systems at York Companies | Pools By York

Need we say more? Technology already makes our lives so much easier in many areas. A pool automation system is just another step in freeing up your time to do what you love: enjoying your pool!

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